am i overweight

jess, big day today... yeah, it's the day dudeare you sure that she's the one? i'm sure...i'm sure! oh god it feels so good to say it for thefirst time! they say love is like a mustard seedsmall at the start

am i overweight

am i overweight, buried far out of sighthey there... it's uh...august 17th, 2016 and um... i just got back... i think i just met my future wifeoh, oh my gosh

it's it! yeah... it's time?'s good! let's do thisso jesse... why are you really here? well sir... i've come to ask you one thing... can i have your daughter's hand in marriage?

yet with great careattention devotionand patience such a seed will yield a crop worth it's gold here we go jess! i love you mandude, i love you you're gonna kill itpeople will doubt people will forgetbut the seed does not depend on such things for the seed is something moresomething... beautifulbeauty is raw

beauty is purebut is beauty all that we seek? or is there something more...where through time... can yield greater?when we say i do... it is not for the seed,but for what the seed will become when we say i's for love the seed is planted...let's grow it... together

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