ear popping

if you've ever flown on a plane, you may havenoticed that it would feel better to pop your ears. i'm dan carlson, i'm a nurse and i'mgoing to help you how to pop your ears. but a good thing to do is yawning, chewing gumis effective. sometimes you'll find that plugging your nose and exhaling deeply will help popor inhaling, whichever works best for you. a lot of things like nasal sprays and decongestants,stuff like that will help. maybe even an anti-histamine

ear popping

ear popping, drug. but mainly you're going to see thatpopping your ears by yawning and chewing gum are pretty much the most quick fixes you'llfind. if you find that your ears consistently do this and you can't pop them often, you'lldefinitely need to see a physician regarding those things, it could be something more ofa nasal infection or a sinus infection that

he would need to deal with. but nasal sprays,yawning, chewing gum, these seem to help very efficiently in that process. i'm dan carlson.

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