hi, i am tonya zavasta. for the past thirteenyears i have been eating only the raw foods and today in my fifties i am very healthy. but even a healthy body is subject to gravity.that is why we exercise our body. and with regular exercise we can make our bodies lookvery youthful, but what about our faces? all muscles havethe same property: they grow when they’re


flaccid, exercised and they shrink when they’re not.more so, they lose their strength and elasticity. imagine a rubber band…permanently stretched.lengthened. no longer tight. that’s a good analogy for how your facial muscles look ifyou are over forty. your facial muscles go soft, and become flabby. the muscles haveweakened and can no longer maintain their

youthful resilience. the whole face sags. and what’s more: the underlying structureno longer supports the skin, and this condition creates folds, creases and wrinkles. this is the bad news. but there is the goodnews. you can actually shorten these loose, flaccid muscles, make them firm and taut.facial exercises is a part of the solution. they can make the muscle fibers grow stronger.they can tighten and lift the contours of your face, giving you a more youthful appearance. if you think you don’t need facial exercises, think again. look around at your yoga, pilates, or gym class.

you’ll see bodies that look 30 years youngbut with faces that are decades older. why? bodies are subjected to exercise…faces mostoften are not. but just as you can reshape your body throughexercise, in the same way you can reshape your face. here is more good news: facialexercises will bring results faster and they will be more dramatic. why? because facial muscles are unlike mostother muscles in your body. those in your legs and arms are attached to the bone atboth ends. however, one end of a facial muscle, attaches to skin or to another muscle. and that means… facial fitness will directlyaffect the quality of your skin. exercises

will not only build muscle mass, strengthenand tighten the underlying structure of your face and neck, but your whole face becomesrefreshed, revitalized by the blood flow. as a result, your complexion is glowing andyouthful. in my book rawsome flex i present a beautifyingsystem of 30 facial exercises. some of them are classic, others absolutely uniqueto my program. if you’ve tried facial exercises before, you might know some that require placingyour fingers into your mouth. such exercises did not work for me. the rawfoods made my nails very healthy. they don’t break and i like to keep them long. so i hadto get creative and develop my own exercises that will not require placing fingers intomy mouth. and they work just as well or better.

now i’ll share with you two of the facialexercises. the first is called kiss the ceiling. it’s excellent for firming your jaw, neck,and throat. sit straight. tilt your head slightly upward.pucker your lips, like a kiss…now stretch the kiss, like you’re kissing the ceiling.hold your kiss for a count of 6. release and repeat the exercise five times. the exercise kiss the ceiling is a classicone. i modified it and created my own exercise called chin push-up with a spoon. now it worksmostly on the lower part of your face: to eliminate jowls and double chin. have a teaspoon ready. tilt your head back. distend the lower lip.place a spoon across your lip like a dumbbell.

lift up your lower lip wile holding the spoonon it. hold in the up position for a count of 6. repeat 5 times. now turn the spoon 180 degrees so that thehandle is on the other side. and repeat the exercise 5 more times. you can begin witha teaspoon and then graduate to a tablespoon as your muscles get stronger. my book rawsome flex contains the other 28exercises to target six major areas in your face to improve their appearance: forehead,eyes, cheeks, lips, neck, and chin. while performing the facial exercises be sureyou are not around your kids, your pets, and your in-laws.

it might not be very attractive while youare doing the facial exercises, but the results will exceed your expectations. people who practice facial exercises generally look 10 years younger than others their age. eventhose who don’t follow a healthy lifestyle will benefit from facial exercises. but if you add the raw foods to your diet,the results will be more pronounced. that is why, i included some delicious raw foodrecipes to get you started. as a bonus you’ll also get some little known, but very effectivebeauty tips. we should exercise all muscles in our body,and your face and neck should not be excluded. visit my website, and see some impressivebefore and after pictures of the readers who have

followed my beauty program. on the websiteyou can also find more information on how to reverse aging naturally. this is tonya zavasta. thank you for watching.

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