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traditionally an old french port, marseille is now the third largest city in france. known as the european capital of culture, and home to some of france’s most beautiful historic architecture, such as the basilique notre dame de la garde. a beautiful 19th century church built on the foundations of an ancient fort, and the marseille museum d’historie naturelle situated in the saint-charles district. after dining out on the culture, pack the car and head east along the coastal roads towards nice, making sure you stop at the beautiful seaside cities; toulon and saint tropez, before continuing through the french riviera to the luxury city of cannes, host to the cannes film festival and lions festival of creativity.

car hire italy

car hire italy, spend an evening on the cannes harbour admiring the luxury yachts and beautiful promenades or simply do as the locals do “relax and people watch”. from cannes it’s just another 1 hour drive along the coastline to the city of nice. if you fancy heading a little further east check out monaco, home to annual monaco grand prix and their world famous monte carlo casino. a great road trip around the south of france, brought to you by hertz.

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go. go! go...go, come on. can i help you?name, please. seinfeld. i made a reservationfor a mid-size, and she's a small. i'm kiddin' around, of course. okay, let's see here.- sixty six years old?!

car hire insurance, yeah. well, he's in perfect health.he works out - he's vibrant. you'd really like him. why do people always say that?i hate everybody - why would i like him? so, what do you think - could yougo out with a 66-year-old woman? well, i'll tell ya...

she would have to be really vibrant she'd be spinning. i'm sorry, we have no mid-sizeavailable at the moment. i don't understand - i made a you have my reservation? - yes, we do. unfortunately, we ran out of cars. but the reservation keeps the car here. that's why you have the reservations. i know why we have reservations.- i don't think you do. if you did, i'd have a car. see, you know how to takethe reservation. you just don't know

how to hold the reservation. and that's really the mostimportant part of the reservation, the holding.anybody can just take 'em. let me speak with my supervisor. here we go, the supervisor. you know what she's saying over there? hey, marge, see those two people over there?they think i'm talking to you,

so you pretend like you're talking to me.okay, now you start talking. oh, you mean like this - so it looks likei'm saying something, but i'm not really saying anything at all? okay, now you say something else and they won't yell at me'cause they thought i was checking with you. okay, i think that's enough.see ya later! i'm sorry. my supervisor saysthere's nothing we can do. yeah... it looked like you werein a real conversation over there.

well, we do have a compact -if you would like that. fine.- alright. well, we have a blue

car hire insurance

ford escort for you, mr. seinfeld.would you like insurance? yeah... you better give me the insurance, because i am gonna beat the hell out of this thing. please, fill this out.

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life tends to be more fun with the setof wheels literally one from them you led the effort hospital tickets inhand he bought the plane to board another plane you reach your destination directly towards a current accompaniedby simply following the signs of the

car hire insurance usa, airport now through curator saidyourself the headache which means you can skip the line and hit record storescarry chose now the cool thing is you can pick between which making molewithin a scary drive do you feel like driving a jeep dodge the choices are thekeys in the ignition and the car is

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car hire insurance usa

final word of advice remember to choosea college kid your knee and you're driving down the highway american sports car or perhaps citymileage and enjoy the extra legroom the prius here could be a bother enjoy theroad drive safe and remember that all

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>>please board this train for concourse a. to the terminal, baggage claim, ticketing, and ground transportation. >>attention! the doors are closing. stop! do not board this train. >>the next stop is concourse a, serving american, air canada, us airways, and united airlines.

car hire heathrow terminal 5, please move to the center of the vehicle, and away from the doors... >>please hold on, this train is approaching concourse a. exit to your left, for all gates serving american, air canada, us airways, and united airlines.

car hire heathrow terminal 5

stay on board for the terminal, baggage claim, ticketing, and ground transportation.

stop! do not board this train. >>the next stop is for the terminal, baggage claim, ticketing, and ground transportation. please move to the center of the vehicle, and away from the doors.

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i booked a car for collection in los angeles.on arrival at the dollar car rental desk i was told it would not honour the hire forlower voucher. i phoned london and was told there was 'a contractual problem', that ishould hire my own car and by the time i got home the us payment would be cancelled. it wasn't and i have been charged $1,041 (about[pounds sterling]650). hire for lower promised

car hire dublin, to repay me within 28 days but didn't. michael greig in customer services told memy repayment had been stopped by chairman nick stolberg as he was 'arranging paymentdirect from dollar'. verybad news i am afraid, particularly foranyone who has yet to take their holiday and

has booked car hire through hire for lower,which also calls itself american car hire, autos abroad, direct car hire, and usa rent-a-car. this company has locked its doors in archerstreet, in london's soho, and vanished. a sign on the door asks people to phone, but its main administrationnumber has a taped message which says you are being connected. then you get no furtherwhile the reservations number simply plays music. your letter is one of ten i have received.some people have the impression that there is an isolated dispute between hire for lowerand dollar. wrong.

a doctor from eastbourne, east sussex, toldme he flew to dublin, only to be told by budget that he could not have the car he had bookedthrough the archer street office. similar tales involved san francisco, atlanta, jacksonvilleand spain. hire for lower's vouchers bounce and families are then given false promisesof refunds. the scale of the problem is shocking. sue jones, trading standards manager at westminstercity council, which covers archer street, told me: 'we have received more than 500 complaints,the majority from customers who purchased car hire vouchers from hire for lower, onlyto discover that they were not accepted by car hire providers overseas.' companies houserecords show hire for lower is still in business,

but jones believes the company has collapsedand liquidators have been appointed. she says the best bet is to reclaim money from yourcredit card company, assuming you paid with plastic. i understand that some customers have beentold by their card companies that it is too late to reclaim, since they booked their carsmonths ago and credit card chargeback rules cover only 90 days from the date of the deal. this is a red herring. card companies are obliged under section 75of the consumer credit act to repay customers if a company goes bust before delivering thegoods and more than [pounds sterling]100 is


car hire dublin

hire for lower is headed by nick johann stolberg,a 43-yearold millionaire with a list of directorships running to eight pages, if you include the26 companies he ran that have been dissolved. last year he bought a six-bedroom villa inst tropez, next door to joan collins. stolberg did not respond to my repeated invitationsto comment on the plight of his customers.

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donna: lowell melser joins us live from outside amazon. you got a tour? lowell: this is a real tree. i from the got to find out

car hire baltimore, where my deodorant comes from when i order it through amazon. -- i finally got to

find out. where we are standing is where the g.m. facility used to be. they employed 7000 people. in 2005, the last employees went away. 10 years later, amazon is here. 3000 jobs, and that number is

expected to grow. while it's weird to see the current pullback on how amazon ships your babies diapers, it really is an impressive sight. tuesday amazon's baltimore for foam at center had its grand

opening, and it is now operating at full capacity -- mayor stephanie rawlings-blake was one of the top brass who along with the media got a peek inside. mayor rawlings like: it makes a difference for those individuals able to make a way for their

families. it makes a way for business. when you open something like amazon, there are ripple effects. lowell the center first began operating in march while still under construction.

now it has more than 3000, with more on the horizon. amazon has provided my constituents an opportunity to work for fast-growing, exciting companies that has invested in the city we all love. lowell: how does the place work? items arrive in this receiving

area and they and then separated and taken away by robots. by the way, these state-of-the-art robots can haul 750 pounds. when an item is needed, the robot brings it back and it is loaded by a worker. then it is packaged and sorted

for delivery. more than 3000 people work here at the for foam and robots actually do most of the work. they kind of have to when you're dealing with hundreds of packages every hour. the more than 1 million square-foot facility is here

thanks to tax incentives from the city and state and will remain in place as long as amazon continues to keep people employed. now, while the tour was exciting, there was one disappointment.

amazon would not let us talk to any of the employees who actually work here to get a sense of what it is like to work in these conditions, what has done for their lives. they told us it was company policy. the mayor's office nor amazon --

car hire baltimore

or amazon were not able to tell us how many of those 3000 workers actually come from

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i’m deanna dean. and i’m edgar sandoval… and welcome to conexpo-con/agg 2017! deanna and i will be here all week, giving you the insi...