car hire insurance

go. go! go...go, come on. can i help you?name, please. seinfeld. i made a reservationfor a mid-size, and she's a small. i'm kiddin' around, of course. okay, let's see here.- sixty six years old?!

car hire insurance, yeah. well, he's in perfect health.he works out - he's vibrant. you'd really like him. why do people always say that?i hate everybody - why would i like him? so, what do you think - could yougo out with a 66-year-old woman? well, i'll tell ya...

she would have to be really vibrant she'd be spinning. i'm sorry, we have no mid-sizeavailable at the moment. i don't understand - i made a you have my reservation? - yes, we do. unfortunately, we ran out of cars. but the reservation keeps the car here. that's why you have the reservations. i know why we have reservations.- i don't think you do. if you did, i'd have a car. see, you know how to takethe reservation. you just don't know

how to hold the reservation. and that's really the mostimportant part of the reservation, the holding.anybody can just take 'em. let me speak with my supervisor. here we go, the supervisor. you know what she's saying over there? hey, marge, see those two people over there?they think i'm talking to you,

so you pretend like you're talking to me.okay, now you start talking. oh, you mean like this - so it looks likei'm saying something, but i'm not really saying anything at all? okay, now you say something else and they won't yell at me'cause they thought i was checking with you. okay, i think that's enough.see ya later! i'm sorry. my supervisor saysthere's nothing we can do. yeah... it looked like you werein a real conversation over there.

well, we do have a compact -if you would like that. fine.- alright. well, we have a blue

car hire insurance

ford escort for you, mr. seinfeld.would you like insurance? yeah... you better give me the insurance, because i am gonna beat the hell out of this thing. please, fill this out.

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