dexamethasone injection

new research is showing that osteoporosismay make you more likely to experience a surprising condition - sudden hearing loss. i'm rachellegrossman with your latest health news. patients with osteoporosis - may be more prone to suddendeafness — also known as sudden sensorineural hearing loss, or sshl — than people whodo not have osteoporosis. researchers say patients need to seek medical help immediatelyif they experience hearing loss. sshl is unexplained

dexamethasone injection

dexamethasone injection, hearing loss that happens quickly, often injust one ear. about half of the people regain their hearing in two to three weeks, but treatmentis important, as about 85-percent of those people who got treatment recover at leastsome hearing. experts noted that inflammation seems to be involved in the development ofsudden deafness. it is also a factor in osteoporosis.

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