female ejaculate

what is female ejaculate comprised of? a video by squirtable.combecause female ejaculate comes from the urethra, a very common misconception is that the fluid that emits during a squirting orgasm is actually urine. just because it comes from the same placedoesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same

female ejaculate, thing, and female ejaculate are actually quite different from urine in a variety of ways. if the bladder hasn’t been emptied, someone may find its way into the ejaculate, but female ejaculate is primarily something else entirely. first and foremost, urine originates from the bladder, while female ejaculate originates

from the skene gland. the scene gland is located near to the opening of the urethra and can be stimulated through the vaginal opening, while the bladder rests much higher up and isn’t stimulated sexually. the fluid that comes out during a squirting orgasm is the fluid that builds up within this gland when stimulated, and it is fluid that can vary in texture and appearance. for many women, female ejaculate is a bit thicker or milkier than urine and is comprised of glucose, fructose, and prostatic acid. a study performed by the journal of sexual medicine found that female ejaculate had the presence of an enzyme called a prostatic-specific antigen, which is made only in the skene gland

in women, proving that the ejaculate is a result of skene gland build up and not through the bladder. if a woman hasn’t emptied her bladder, however, some urine may release along with the ejaculate, which can alter its look and viscosity. in order to create this fluid, all the skene gland requires is a bit of stimulation. whether using toys or fingers, the skene gland is reached and stimulated through touch by insertion about 2 to 3 inches deep into the vagina. when using fingers, you’ll know you’vehit the right spot, or the g spot, by feeling for a small walnut shaped area that begins to grow firm as it’s rubbed.

The best way to find this place is to place one or two fingers into the vagina with the right palm facing up and feel the location while participating in open communication with your partner. Female ejaculation consists of several different components, and not the urine that some people may have for you to believe. To find out for yourself, all it takes is a little simple and fun experimentation. This is very different for men who problems premature ejaculation can be overcome by using hajar jahanam That can get in www.jual-hajarjahanamcair.com.

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