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welcome back to passionate 4 angels my name is aron and on today's episode like to continue our series on breeding angelfish and today's episode iwould like to talk about how to obtain a breeding pair angels so stay tuned we'll be right back

bump on head

bump on head, in our last episode we showed you how to set up a breedingtank for angelfish if you missed that episode we recommend that you click the buttonbelow before continuing

now that your aquarium has been set up andcycled and ready for fish our next step is to get a pair of angelfish. there are commonly two ways for this to happen thefirst method is to openly purchase a proven pair of angels in this manner youhave an instant pair of angelfish this can be very expensive to getstarted we recommend that you check with local area breeders before ordering online. the second method is cheaper but takes a lot longer and is our preferred method for obtaining pairs. start with six to10 angel fish they can be any size. feed them well, keeptheir water clean, and in a minimum of 55

gallon tank or larger and wait for them to grow. normally aftereight to 10 months your angelfish approach maturity andwill start to notice to fish hovering over over one side and have started cleaning and area of your the aquarium normally it's about the time when theybecome very territorial and aggressive forcing the remaining angelfish to theother side of the aquarum watch carefully for the next few daysmake sure that you can easily identify the two adult fish

if you notice that they have laid eggsanywhere in your aquarium then you have a proven pair now it'stime to move them to their own home congratulations i hope that you found this videointeresting and informational our next video in this series on how to breed anda fish is on how to sex angel fish. if you wouldlike to join us here on passionate 4 angels please consider subscribing today it's free and you can always stay up todate with the latest videos and information

until next this is aron signing off and asalways happy fish keeping video interesting and informative are video in the series is hot how to sayhave sex angelfish **laughing***

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