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[ duke narrating ]we were somewhere aroundbarstow, on the edge of the desert... when the drugsbegan to take hold. [ duke ]l remember saying something like: l feel a bit lightheaded.maybe you should drive. ## [ continues ]

off airport car rental las vegas, - hmm ?- suddenly there wasa terrible roar all around us... and the sky was full ofwhat looked like huge bats... - [ bats screeching ]- all swooping and screechingand diving around the car. - and a voice was screaming:- holy jesus, what arethese goddamned animals ?

- [ grunting ]- [ rock continues ]# come on, baby # - did you say something ?- hmm ? never mind. lt's your turn to drive. no point in mentioningthese bats, l thought. the poor bastard'llsee them soon enough. # baby, l'm startin'to feel human # - # ohh, ohh, yeah #- # hey, hey, feel with me, baby # - [ grunting ]- # 'cause l feel it comin' on ##

- [ screeching continues ]- fucking pigs ! flying ! [ grunting, murmuring ] we had two bags of grass... 75 pellets of mescaline... five sheets ofhigh-powered blotter acid... a salt shakerhalf-full of cocaine... a whole galaxy of multicoloreduppers, downers, screamers, laughers. also a quart of tequila,a quart of rum, a case of beer... - a pint of raw ether...- shit !

two dozen amyls. not that we needed all thatfor the trip... but once you get locked intoa serious drug collection... the tendency is to push itas far as you can. the only thing that reallyworried me was the ether. there is nothing in the worldmore helpless and irresponsibleand depraved... than a man in the depthsof an ether binge... and l knew we'd get intothat rotten stuff pretty soon. [ radio: female newscaster ]a house subcommittee reportsays illegal drugs killed...

160 american g.l.siast year... 40 of them in vietnam. - [ tuning ]- # one toke over the linesweet jesus # one toke, man ! [ singing along with radio,slightly behind ]# one toke over the line # # sittin' downtownat a railway station #

off airport car rental las vegas

# one toke over the line # - one toke, you poor fool ?- # sweet, sweet mary # wait'll you seethose goddamned bats, man.

# mine #

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