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take place until daylight. oralia, thank you. now to jackson memorial hospital. hank is there.

car hire jacksonville, reporter: amazing there was not more, more injuries and death. a cascade of lumber, and debris

falling out of the sky in the busy brickell area during rush hour. some people were injured as they were walking in brickell trying to get away. reporter: a man suffered a heart attack and transported but died at the hospital.

we transported a driver, a young lady. reporter: that young lady's sister. she is doing okay. she will stay overnight because she is in a lot of pain. we had a construction worker on the ground that was also

transported. reporter: six total transported and two construction workers. one of the workers very lucky. rush odd the hospital for thomas brown. his son 34 year old construction worker williams.

he was transported to the the family waiting for word. it is good but it is scary. we saw things coming down and he tried to run from it. it caught him and he said it landed on his head. he hazels rags on the top of his head.

he had on a helmet so that

car hire jacksonville

helped a whole lot. reporter: miami fire rescue working into the seen evening to stabilize the scaffolding.

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