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working on this story and joins us now live with more. reporter: police say there was just one minor injury after four cars were rammed on granite

car hire las vegas mustang, street just moments after fans started leaving northeast delta dental stadium. it was a chaotic scene on the

granite street bridge thursday night after authorities say a black audi tried to run from police struck several cars. police say the incident started on elm street around 10:00, when a patrol officer saw that car with no registration and tried to pull it over.

the vehicle made an abrupt u turn, headed south on elm street, the officer followed the vehicle, the vehicle opted not to stop for the officer, continued through a posted red light at elm and granite. reporter: officials say the car then turned right, heading west

on granite street. what made the situation dangerous is the fisher cats game had just ended and the area was includinged with people leaving the stadium. you had heavy pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic. so the officer immediately stopped

pursuing the vehicle, because the vehicle was continuing at a high rate of speed, went through two more red lights at ka national street, commercial street. reporter: police say the audi then struck four cars, some suffering heavy damage, before

it stopped at the on ramp to route 293. police say once the audi stopped, the driver jumped out of the car, and started running this way towards the city's west side. police say they tried a k9 track but came up empty.

they are the car but only a vacant description of the driver. the only thing the officer could very was it was an african-american male wearing a back hat and light colored t-shirt. we didn't have anything further

and at this point in time it's still being investigated whether or not this vehicle was in fact stolen or may have been the operator's vehicle. reporter: police are asking

car hire las vegas mustang

anyone who may have information that could help identify the driver of that audi to please

give them a call.

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