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hello there, my name is shak. in today's video, i'm going to tell you the secret of getting cheaper car insurance. before i continue i want to emphasise how important it is, to tell the truth on the insurance proposal form. if you intentionally withhold information, or try to deceive the insurance company. your insurance may become invalid. nowinsurance companies use a catalogue of

car hire near me, facts to work out your premiums. some of these facts are your data of birth, where you live. your job title, how much experience you've got. even where you park your vehicle one of the easiest ways of saving money of your car insurance, is to look carefully at your job title.

did you know a music teacher would pay 80 pounds more for insurance, than just a teacher. this is because the insurance companiesbelieve, that as a music teacher he or she will be focused on his music whilstdriving, and therefore more likely to have an accident. the insurance companies would charge a chef 98 pounds more for insurance, than for kitchen staff. this is because the insurance company believes, that a chef will be the last person to leave the kitchen. they'll be tired. eager to get home. therefore more likely to have an accident. now if you're a full-time parent. put that down on the insurance proposal form. your insurance will be 300 pounds cheaper, then if you put down your unemployed.

so, if your job role has various job titles play around with it, and put down the one that will get youthe cheaper insurance. however i must stress, that the job title you put must accurately describe your role. otherwise it could leave you open toprosecution. another way of getting cheaper car insurance, is to have an additional driver. an experienced person with years of no claims bonus as an additional driver to your insurance now it's a crime to say that someone is amain driver of your vehicle when they are not. however it's perfectly legal to have an additional driver. having an additional driver, could save you hundreds of pounds of your car insurance.

the third tip, i'm going to give you togetting cheaper car insurance. is to start shopping around at least two tothree weeks before you need insurance. the shocking fact is the insurance companies, will charge you,

car hire near me

between two to three hundred pounds, just for leaving it to the last day. i hope you found this information useful if so please give the thumbs up, as it helps us to make more videos. thank you for watching!

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