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hi, i'm james hill from the locks heath property blog and this is my buy to let deal of the week. here i am in little fox drive in park gate where sbk have recently listed a two bedroom apartment for â£181,000. it's a really good one for the rental market as it has got two double bedrooms, bags of space and an en-suite

car hire southampton uk, meaning that it will appeal to the mass audience with singles, couples, sharersand even young families taking an interest. now i believe sbk have recently secured a long-term tenant on the property, and i believe that's in the region of â£775 pcm.

so if we times that by 12 to give us ourannual figure and then divide that by â£181,000, which is the asking price, it gives us a good healthy yield of 5.14%. now as always with leasehold properties we do need to be aware of the ground rent and maintenance charges. so get in touch with the guys at sbk - i'm sure they'll be delighted to help you out and give you those figures. aside from that the property looks ready for the rental market with very little to do inside. it's all in fabulous condition throughout as you can see from the pictures on your screen now. now if you want any further informationabout the locks heath property market

car hire southampton uk

please get in touch on 01489 570011. and for more interesting articles about the local property market please visit the locks heath property blog at i'll see you soon.

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