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live, rich newberg, news 4 at 5:30. new tonight, buffalo teachers are cashing in on some pricey personal perks. months ago, we

car hire yangon, told you about teachers using your tax-dollars for plastic surgery.. a new report shows millions of dollars are still

being shelled out for this. tonight, news 4's luke moretti is investigating how your money is being spent. yeah...this has been a sore subject for years. and now a non-profit group that promotes sensible education reform has its eye on buffalo.. spent on cosmetic procedures for school district employees. the amount of money spent on cosmetic procedures has declined in recent years -- but it's still not good enough , according to the education action group

foundation. (( kyle olson/eag founder: while it's a decline, i still believe that's still an outrageous amount of money to be spent on a perk that has nothing to do with the education of children. )) eag founder kyle olson says the

buffalo school district spent nearly three million dollars during the last school year on cosemetic procedures for teachers. he says it's a perk the union representing teachers should give up. (( kyle olson/eag founder: i think that sort of expenditure

is completely over-the-top in a district that has a nearly 50- million dollar deficit , and is just spending money needlessly. )) buffalo teachers federation president phil rumore calls it old news. and says the union is willing to give it up -- if the district comes up with a

decent contract offer. he says teachers have been without a new contract for nearly ten years. (( phil rumore: we told the district eight years ago that we're willing to drop it . it's up to the district now. if there's anybody to blame for it still being there it's the

buffalo board of education. )) school board member ralph hernandez says the district has tried to get teachers to drop the perk. (( ralph hernandez/buffalo school board member: we made every effort on our end, on the board's side, to have them

either suspend it indefinitely and or at least for a period of time . but they refuse to do that. luke moretti: do you think that that's what they should do? ralph hernandez: i think in good faith, absolutely. )) (( phil rumore: the board should

do the right thing too . it should offer us a decent contract. i mean when you start saying , well, i should give it up. when is the board of education going to say well let's do this ,ya know. )) the so called cosmetic rider is a negotiated benefit that

teachers are entitled to... in the meantime....teachers can keep working under the terms of the expired contract until a new one is negotiated. what's keeping both sides from talking?? ralph hernqndez says the level

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of trust and confidenceisn't

there right now because both sides are involved in litigation on other matters... eight years

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