car rental las vegas airport

as gone, and so i knew it was a scam." an urgent warning tonight about a new scam targeting women across the valley..

car rental las vegas airport, and two victims tell 13-action news it stole their sense of security on the road. 13 action news reporter

...mahsa saeidi is live....with the one thing they say to get you to pull over your car. mahsa? carla steve ... you're minding your business... heading home ... or to work...

when suddenly... another driver... tries to get your attention. there's something wrong with your car ... and they want to help. "they was speeding up, and tried to follow me." "waving at me, flagging me

down." "car swoosh!" what would you do ... if it happened to you. -2- couples ... in -1- car. concerned ..they shout.. your tire is about to pop! "i was a little bit skeptic,

but i didn't want to have my wheels come off." her mind racing ... but alexis secrist... pulled over her car. "slam!" the alleged good samaritan down... and got to work!

"i thought the tire had a flat or something." no no! not the front. he wanted her attention .. only in the back. "you need to havef it checked." ("at what point did you realize that something was off?) "they goes, i don't have the

tools let's go!" "i was confused, i thought he was going to help me but all of a sudden they took off!" ... grabbing her purse! "i want these people caught." that was friday ... charleston and decatur ...

48 hours later ... another victim says... they struck again... this time ... spring mountain and rainbow. another car ... another woman ... all alone. that victim says ....they were going to do the repairs on her

car ... on the spot. so she went to the atm... and gave them 400 cash. a new financial danger ...

car rental las vegas airport

they both want you to be aware of. reporting live, ms, 13 an. new tonight.. check this out..

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