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about drivers speeding ... and more drivers are crashing. they're asking for the city's help to do

car rental las vegas nm, something about it. news 13's lysee mitri shows you why.

...drivers... neighbors don't like drivers speeding by their homes... and drivers... know what, i'm going to stop her... don't like to get caught. take this guy actually

captured on camera in his nightshirt... shooting at a speed van after getting a speeding ticket. but tonight... santa fe police urged councilors at a public safety committee meeting to

bring those speed vans back. ... "it was amazing, when those vans were on those streets, you just did not see speeding"... police say they don't have enough traffic

officers to keep up with complaints they're getting about speeders... and the high volume of crashes since the program's end in 20-13. they say nearly 26-hundred crashes were reported in 20-14 ...

27-hundred the year after that... and 3-thousand the year after that. councilors had concerns about how much money from the fines would go to the city ... and how

it would be used... along with the cost of a ticket -- a hundred bucks. ... "$100 fine on my side of town, it hits the pocketbook hard. it hits working families hard"... a lot of those

tickets go unpaid -- 727-thousand dollars-worth still unpaid... since the city last had speed vans, police said tonight. ultimately... the public safety committee voted to take

a closer look next month at the ordinance governing the program... before approving a resolution to bring back those speed vans. lysee mitri, krqe news 13.

santa fe ended the program in 20-13 with the company, redflex, as

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news came to light of the c-e-o's involvement in a bribery scheme.

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