car rental las vegas strip

3-2-1...flying to las vegas now has an alternative to lindbergh field. thecounty's palomar airport in carlsbad now offers regularly scheduled flights. themaiden flight headed out today. cal jet elite airways now offers two dailyflights to vegas. the airline uses smaller regional jetsand seats around 60 passengers for the short one-hour flight.

car rental las vegas strip, palomar airportwithout airline service doesn't have a great deal of relevance to the commonperson who wants to travel and is seeking convenience. they have to driveto another location to try to make an air connection. this now offers thatservice locally and it gives people a

place that opens the reach anywhere theywant to go. this was a 15 minute drive. we didn't have to deal with traffic andjust the fact that it's a smaller

car rental las vegas strip

airport it's much more personal and wedon't have to deal with the crowds. a big bonus of flying out of palomar: parkingis only $5 a day. in the county news center, i'm michael russo you

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