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customers. kpix five's julie watts shows us: it all has to do with drivers crossing the golden gate bridge.

car rental near me open sunday, it's iconic, majestic... one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the country㢠but for tourists in rental carsã¢

crossing the golden gate bridge can be costly. - sot matthew goldberg, deputy city attorney: we investigated in response to lots and lots of consumer complaints the san francisco city attorney's office is suing the

hertz rental car company for quote bilking like rental mobil balikpapan kota balikpapan kalimantan timur customers with hidden golden gate bridge toll service fees there are scores of complaints online mary kay mowdy knows firsthand - they said that's the processing fee we interviewed her back in 2013 shortly after

the golden gate bridge went cashless. she crossed the bridge in a rental car and in addition to the toll...months later was charged more than $30 in fees. unbeknownst to her, the trip across the bridge triggered hertz to automatically enroll her its plate pass program...

which tacks on up to 24.75 in extra fees considered a convince option on other bridges... allowing you faster passage through the fast track lanes... but for tourists on the golden gate - spt most people are confused. but he points out

here... you don't have the option to pay a cash toll to avoid the added plate pass fees... something he says hertz takes advantage of by failing to properly notify customers... that can avoid the fees... if they simply pay the bridge toll

directly online within 48 hours. - rental car companies offer various optional services which you can except or decline but plate pass is distinct so there's no way to avoid it. the toll and fees are not added to your receipt...but rather charged to your credit card by a

third-party - sometimes weeks later. the city attorney hope to force hertz to pay back victims with interest... civil penalties and put an end to the quote - deceptive practices... something mary had hope for years ago -

car rental near me open sunday
sot. somebody is getting it i just don't think it's right

it looks like the former mayor of stockton... is in more legal

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