car rental orlando airport

a -- 75 up to steve -- speed>>> let's go back to the scary standoff situation at orlando international airport.

car rental orlando airport, it is hard to see but police are workinto call him a man believed to be armed and threatening to shoot.

police found he had a fake gun but the chaos was real. he is former marine michael pettigrew who served for three years. rodney hagetting updates for us. he apparently suffered mental issues heard>> they are telling

us that hewas suicidal last night. he is undergoing a mental evaluation. thankfully no one was hurt. orlando police updating the population releasing the picture of a fakegun used. the chaotic scene at orlando

international airporwhen all of the sparked last night near the rental car area. the standoff lastedtwo hours before michael pettigrew was taken into custody. officers say he pulled a fake gun wanting police to shoot him.

it was terrifying for many of the travelers unsure of their safety.>> i was trying to help someone she dropped her bags we were running. itwas crazy.>> this morning we are continuing to monitor flights in and around of orlando international airport

and there is good news for travelers. everything seems to be on time this morning. coming up in 30 minutewe will look deeper into michae pettigrew's past and would possibly lead to all of this last night

reporting live.>> they can

car rental orlando airport

return to normal quickly. scott is praising the officer say quote i want to thank law enforcement to put the suspects

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