car rental uk reviews

tellez, cbs 2 news, erin, lionel? roseanne thank you. developing right now, several rental cars stolen from a lot

car rental uk reviews, at o'hare airport. it may be happening a lot. sandra torres is live from o'hare, hi, sandra.

hi, erin and lionel, we believe that they have tried to use this exit behind us to steal some of those vehicles, they have not been able to confirm if it was a company, there are tire spikes on the ground. the reason why we believe this,

we see crews cleaning up this area removing shattered debris from the ground and removing a yellow barrier that was damaged. police confirm several cars were reported stolen, about 2:50 in the morning. the first employee told us off

camera that the thieves got away with 8 or 10 cars. a co-worker tried to stop the thieves by blocking the exit with another car, one rammed it with a stolen vehicle creating an opening for all the stolen cars to get out. that hertz employee said the

cars are stolen from this lot very often because it is a choose and go facility so keys are left in the parked vehicles. chicago police say they cannot confirm at this time how many vehicles were stolen they are

car rental uk reviews

waiting the hear back how many

vehicles and which were taken in the meantime, working on an official statement.

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